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Rope Access

Rope Access is the application of specialized rope techniques to safely position workers in hard to reach, at-height locations. It has developed as a safe, cost-effective alternative to scaffolding and is now considered the industry standard for light to medium duty jobs.

Rope Access is especially suitable for NDE and Inspection jobs due to the inherently small amount of tools and labor required to perform them. It has been proven through many man-hours in the U.S. and abroad that all disciplines of NDE including radiography can be conducted by technicians utilizing rope access.

All Rope Access technicians are trained and independently certified to the standards and practices put forth by SPRAT® & IRATA®


Advantages of Our Rope Access:

  • More affordable than scaffolding.
  • Requires less equipment.
  • Less time consuming.
  • Far better safety statistics.
  • High standard of training.
  • Minimal workplace footprint.
  • No limited downtime required.
  • Access to unseen areas.
  • Minimum workplace disturbance.

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